Being bipolar is like being in a boat out at ocean by yourself and in one hand, you hold the chain to an anchor and in the other hand you hold the strings to a kite. The kite is the mania and the anchor is the depression. Your job is to keep the kite from pulling you away and keep the anchor from bringing you down to the bottom of the ocean. Being bipolar is that fine balancing act of keeping yourself afloat in the boat with the kite and the anchor and you have to hold on really fucking tight

Just applied to HND Illustration at Edinburgh and Glasgow College… fingers crossed my backups work! 


Paintings by Rafael Sottolichio


Underwater Photobraphy by Zena Holloway, Swan Song.

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Yesterday was Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wedding anniversary. Here’s a passionate, discursive letter she wrote him in the summer of 1930, after her breakdown. “The sheets were always damp. There was Christmas in the echoes, and eternal walks. We cried when we saw the Pope. There were the luminous shadows of the Pinco and the officer’s shining boots.”
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Paintings by Scott Lickstein (Artist on tumblr)

Self Portrait Painting

Here using washes of acrylic paints I tried to paint from my earlier pictures, however I came to conclusion that I cannot paint water because its too difficult especially with acrylics! After realising this, I decided to just go about it a different way and make the painting more messy and expressive. What I can do next with this painting, is scan it through and see all the different images and filters I can add in photoshop to make it visually more graphic. 


Joshua Foster

Dream Within a Dream, 2012

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Koen Lybaert

1. Ambient N°0009

2. Ushuaia

3. Lahille Island

4. Akranes


300: Rise Of An Empire by Rod Pereira

I look like a fanny

Self portraits (very personal post)

After scanning through images of Gregor using the photocopier and distorting the image outcome by dragging them along reminded me a lot of liquid and ripples in the water. I wanted a way to distort photographs in a similar way and the only way to do so was underwater. Since I’m too poor to afford an underwater camera or water proof kit for my nikon d3000 I decided to take pictures above the water looking in. I needed to develop more photographs that I could work from and paint from that I found interesting as I was getting bored of what I was doing before!

I’m beginning to use myself more in my photography, purely because I feel I have withheld at some point in my life an aspect of sin, like many other people. A self portrait not only shows yourself but it can show aspects of personality too, which is what I love about these photos…

The distorted faces show a different part of me that I have just newly discovered and been diagnosed with, they show multiple personalities. The reason they are underwater is because it shows that I’m trying to drown them, to distort them and push them away. These things I’m trying to drown are my sins, the envy I feel towards other people, the lust I feel when I’m manic, the wrath I feel when I thought everything was fine and it crashes, the sloth I feel when I struggle to find motivation, the gluttony I feel when I despise my body, the greed I feel when Im manic and can’t handle my spending, my pride gets too much for me when someone’s else’s pride bothers me…

Maybe I am my theme after all?

Tonight I NEED to take self portraits of my face underwater, I HAVE to express each sin in each photo.
I want to recreate in a different way what the scanned images looked like when I dragged them along the photocopier. Because I felt the images had a rippled and liquid feel, that I could capture similar images underwater


Artworks by Alexandra Levasseur