Being bipolar is like being in a boat out at ocean by yourself and in one hand, you hold the chain to an anchor and in the other hand you hold the strings to a kite. The kite is the mania and the anchor is the depression. Your job is to keep the kite from pulling you away and keep the anchor from bringing you down to the bottom of the ocean. Being bipolar is that fine balancing act of keeping yourself afloat in the boat with the kite and the anchor and you have to hold on really fucking tight


Inspired by the ever-changing underwater life, Portland-based multidisciplinary artist Sayuri Sasaki Hemann creates a breathtaking jellyfish aquarium, titled ‘Underwater Flight’ in a place where you least expect it, the Portland International Airport. Continuing her exploration of the way light is reflected on different mediums, Sayuri experiments with colored organza, wool felting fibers and silk to build this magical underwater kingdom.  

This installation is part of ‘Urban Aquarium’, an ongoing project that aims to “create a dialogue between viewers about context and displacement and about the unexpected.” | via http://inspir3d.net/2012/08/19/underwater-flight-by-sayuri-sasaki-hemann/


Photographs from the book 'Masquerade' by photographer Inge Morath & artist Saul Steinberg from the late 1950s and early 1960s.

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these are incredible, they remind me a lot of what ive been doing in FMP with showing multiple characters in one subject with masks. 

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Gordon Terry


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Short Evaluation From Yesterday

Exhibition Day

On the day of the exhibition, I came across a lot of minor errors such as spelling mistakes and printing colour. I also ended up redoing my Sinner poster design. When it came to mounting my posters I found this difficult as by this time of the day I was stressed, nervous and tired. My printed posters were not stuck on right which meant I had to reprint more.  After a little guidance from my lecturer all was well when he said it could be fixed and my posters were mounted successfully to the board. Presentation was something I also struggled with as I felt I wanted to present it too much with tape, string and hanging from the ceiling, but again my lecturer gave me the correct guidance and reminded me that it was the posters itself that was the most important. Without the comfort and guidance I think I would have created something out of my comfort zone and it would have become tacky and too much, however it all panned out nicely in the end which is typically a cliché.

If I was to do it differently, I think I would have created more relief work and followed my other love of sculpture. I went through the other rooms and I was slightly jealous of seeing everyone’s big final pieces that looked beautiful and I felt I could have presented in a more exciting way rather than poster designs, however I definitely feel I have put just as much effort into my work over the past 8 weeks to the create poster designs.

I think it’s funny and weird how we assume the mind is somewhere within the walls of our skulls. We associate the mind with the brain because it creates grey matter and white matter. But what if the mind produces physical matter? Everytime you envision something, you’ve created an entire universe with galaxies of infinite possibilities and probabilities. Everything you see, smell, hear, feel or taste is not outside of your mind, it’s certainly in your mind. Your mind perceives it, ergo, it’s within the mind. So, are you alone and you’ve created everything you are perceiving to be occurring outside of your physical form? Are you God? Maybe you’re so bored of being alone that you’ve thought up an entire universe, you’ve invented TIME, space, physical beings, non physical beings, maths, ideas, joy, love, perpetual geometry and smaller representations of all those things hidden in day to day life, like for example those little russian dolls, to give yourself clues, to implicitly remind yourself that…. This is all a game. It’s a ride. You’re having a laugh with yourself. So don’t take it too seriously, laugh. Laugh everyday, love, be joyous and in harmony with all and radiate light and beauty from your core, inspire the dorment to be ernest and wise and compassionate. Live.

Final Evaluation?

fad2014 - See for the final evaluation, do you evaluate the whole 8 weeks or JUST the hanging? i’ve done the whole 8 weeks and how my idea came about but not sure if i’m just blabbing on :( 


Harry Gould Harvey IV may sound like the name of an old sailboat pegged as an underdog in a gentleman’s race around the world, but in reality it’s what a family in Rhode Island has been naming their sons for generations. The fifth iteration of that series is a photographer who loves punk, making trap playlists, and playing pranks. Harry’s surreal twists on reality have been compiled in the fantastic books One, Mountain Pass,and Canadian Fruit,as well as in large commercial publications like the Fader, JUKE,and Bloomberg’s Business Week. At a time when it feels like everywhere you look one photo just indiscernibly scrolls into the next, we think his dreamy and ethereal pictures are worth a close read, so we wanted to ask him more about them, even if interviewing someone isn’t very punk. 


In A Different Light, 2014
one of the images i will be using as another last minute poster design Titled : WITNESS
With a VHS effect stating date and time, this enforced the idea of a witness and the eye also symbolises that whatever has happened has been seen. 
and again on a billboard instead….
Examples of my poster and how i’d want it to be advertised! 
Might have 4 of these under my poster designs to give the viewer a good idea on how I intend to advertise the event. 
part of me wants to hang this for friday……

happy with everything, maybe some wee changes before hanging, but this is pretty much the first poster design. I have taken a photo within a photo within a photo, to create a VCR effect which I really like. It also links to facade, which person/face/photograph is the original? 
Development for Main Poster Number 2
- I have changed near enough all elements of the poster as I wanted the photographs to match, as well as the Title. A problem for is that it might not be clear the text at the bottom? I really like the way the geometric shape goes behind the face, it makes the image look 3 Dimensional and modern. 
- I want to make another simplistic poster design, it would be good to take some other photographs just to see what works and what doesn’t work.